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Teaming-up for your customerTeaming-up for your customer

How can organisations build solid relationships

Excellent organisations understand that it is the customer who determines how successful you are. They also understand that you have to put in a lot of efforts and energy in order to become important for your customer. The excellent organisation bears that in mind day in day out throughout the organisation at all levels. Management has made it one of its main objectives: how can I create a customer centric organisation. To achieve this, it is essential that people from different disciplines work together to make use of the different talents available. You feel confident that you can serve your customer as a team. In today's complex world it is necessary to combine forces in order to be successful, because the solutions your customer needs are complex and often multi-discipline.

I was pleasantly surprised when a friend who works for IBM handed me his business card, which read: "Manager Rabobank Team". I think this is a very strong message to your customer. It tells your customer that he is important for the organisation; first by being served by a team and secondly by the fact that the customer is named on the IBM business card. There is a lot to learn from truly customer centric organisations like IBM and I will come back on that.

Think about how you can send a strong signal to your customer in order to make him feel important for you.

Hans C.F.J. Janssen
Managing Partner
NewRatio B.V.

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